Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our Bible classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We currently have the following classes:

1,2, & 3 John

John, one of the apostles in Jesus' inner circle, writes these inspired letters as much as 60 years after his last visit with Jesus on earth. He is an old man and these words represent matters that must be addressed after observing teachings that are creeping into the church and which are inconsistent with his Lord's word. Not the least of which is Gnosticism. These writings also represent warnings not to drift away from the inspired teaching previously taught and embraced. He uses the powerful word "love" 42 times in the 131 verses that make up 1, 2, and 3 John. This includes, the love of God, the love of the world, lover for one another, and the love of the truth. This class will be a "deep dive,' averaging approximately six verses per class to complete the study in the 22 class periods allotted this quarter.

Room: A-7
Teacher: Curtis Pope & Mark Pape


Raising God-Centered Children

As parents the most important goal we can have for our kids is not how they excel in sports, what college they attend, or what they achieve in life. Those things are important to us, but the most important goal we can have for our kids is that they go to heaven when they die. We must teach them to love and obey God. This class will focus on bible-based instruction to help us live intentionally in our effort to parent the way God intended. This class will cause us to think about how we can unclutter our family's lives to ensure that as parents we give our children the best chance possible to please God and go to heaven.

 Room: B7
Teacher: David Lanphear & Jim Holton


Exodus (1st & 2nd Quarters 2019)

A new administration arose in Egypt that did not know Joseph and his descendants. The Israelite population began to swell in Egypt, posing a threat to the new kings of Egypt, leading to Israel's enslavement. The toll of oppression was too great. Yahweh hears Israel’s cries and is moved with compassion, reminded of a deep, intimate relationship and a covenant made with Abraham several hundred years prior to their oppression. The Great Deliverer does not back down and liberates his people through gracious and powerful acts.

In the book of Exodus, He reveals his character and attributes, not only to Moses, the appointed leader, but also to His people today. Exodus provides us an introductory and broad landscape to the Gospel message--it is essentially the Gospel according to Moses. We will explore how the Israelites, in particular Moses, intersects with Christ, and how this affects God's people in the 21st century. Exodus heralds the unique God we serve and how He will go to drastic measures to ultimately deliver mankind from the bondage of sin, making us no longer slaves.

Room: B9
Teacher: Matt Finley, David Hehner, & Joey Elms


Esther & Ruth

God has a plan. The books of Esther and Ruth reveal God's mighty hand working in subtle but powerful ways. both the stories of Esther and Ruth are stories of great reversal. The plot to destroy God's people in Esther is reversed by God's implicit hand as Esther is esteemed to become queen and in a decisive act convinces the king to spare the Jews from utter destruction. In Ruth, the story of two widows in the wake of a devastating personal tragedy find themselves vulnerable, hungry, and desperate. While Esther is recognized for her beauty, it is the gentile Ruth who is defined by her worthy character and devotion to her Jewish mother-in-law Naomi. Her devotion is recognized by Boaz who later esteems Ruth as his wife, saving Naomi and reversing the tragic course set before them. Although God is never mentioned in the book of Esther and is barely mentioned in Ruth, our study will reveal God's hand at work in both of these beautifully written narratives. We can build our faith in God's faithfulness to keep his promises and protect his people from whatever may befall us. God is in control.

Room: Auditorium
Teachers: Jon Lindsey, Stephen Ogden, & Gerald Barr