Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our Bible classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We currently have the following classes:

The Gospel of John (3rd & 4th Quarters 2018)

John writes so that we may believe Jesus was raised from the dead. As we investigate the unique eyewitness account of the apostle John, we are invited to become witnesses step into the story and live abundantly and eternally in the light of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Room: Auditorium
Teacher: Travis Renfrow, Stephen Ogden, & Curtis Pope


Praying for Spiritual Maturity

Individual Christians must incorporate many new things into their lives as they grow in their spiritual maturity. Perhaps no other component of the Christian life is as important as the act of prayer. The act that connects us to the Father through the Son also increases our faith and cultivates our connection to those around us. 

Room: B7
Teacher: Clint Laird, Brian Whiteside, & Brad Wood


Genesis (3rd & 4th Quarters 2018)

Genesis is more than just the creation. The book contains pivotal stories about Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and others.

Room: A7
Teacher: Jim Whiteside, Matthew Mayo, & Johnny Montgomery


Hebrews (3rd & 4th Quarters 2018)

The book of Hebrews was written to Jewish believers to help them transition into Christianity. The book deals with those traditions and customs that early converts struggled with. Larger themes include justice and judgment, perserverence, power, and suffering.

Room: B5
Teachers: David Lanphear, Mark Pape, & Shannon Whitley