Local Evangelist

Erik Borlaug and his wife Samantha, have joined West End in December 2021 to begin as a full-time evangelist.  Erik comes from Atlanta, GA and will participate in preaching from the pulpit, weekly Bible studies in the community, as well as teaching classes and other items of need.  

Supported Evangelists

Francesco Fosci

  • I was born in Rome on October 4, 1947.  My parents then moved to live in Aprilia for the job of my father.  My father, Mario, became a Christian in 1954 and my mother, Assunta, converted herself three years later.  I was baptized in Christ on 1969 by Rodolfo Berdini at the Aprilia church of Christ.
  • I grew up in the Aprilia church (Italy) and studied the gospel with Rodolfo Berdini, who is a good, faithful preacher.  Then, I started work in Latina in 1986 (30 km from Aprilia) to establish the church there.  That was possible when I received support for preaching the gospel full-time.  I left my job (electric motor technician) and went to Latina to preach with my family (my wife Rita, and children, Luana and Gabriele, and mother, Assunta)
  • I have been preaching 35 years, 21 of them being at the Latina church.  Our services are as follows:  Bible study and worship to God on Sunday mornings; bible study with the church on Thursday evenings; work with TV programs two days a week; a radio announcement and printed materials to distribute to people weekly.  I am holding four private bible studies during the week, three of which are newly baptized into Christ.  We usually Skype during the study, but sometime we meet in person.  So we go in God's grace and thanks to all of you for your support for preaching the Gospel.

Roberto Tondelli

  • I preach for the Pomezia congregation (South Rome, about 20 in attendance).  Through the years, I helped the Gospel preaching in various Italian locations including Pescara, Caserta, Alessandria, Trieste, Udine, Aprilia, Foggia, etc.  In some of these locations there are today well established congregations.  For example, my son Stefano preaches for the congregation located in Aprilia (about 15 miles south of Pomezia)
  • On two occasions, in 2011 and 2014, I had the opportunity to preach in various towns in Ethiopia being in the company of brother Curtis Pope and Anthony Paul.  That was a spirtually enriching experience for me. 
  • I am keeping on preaching for the Pomezia congregation.  Here, my other son Daniele is also a valuable asset to the congregation by being a good preacher and prepared teacher of the Word.
  • Also, I am currently helping the Gospel work in two locations in Tuscany and Sicily.  In fact, we have an ongoing teaching program (Homiletics, Jesus Christ, Paul and His Epistles, Prophets) for small groups of brethren interested in delving deeply in the Bible studies.
  • For this work I am deeply thankful for my wife, Rosanna.  Without her, our work would have not been possible.  I am thankful for my good family.  The things I am mentioning here are actually the work of my entire family.  Above all, I am grateful to the Lord who is giving us the energy to keep on with the preaching.  I am deeply appreciative of your cooperation in the Lord. 

Jason Dixon - University church of Christ, Richmond, Kentucky

The LORD blesses me to work with the University Church of Christ located in Richmond KY (pop. 36,000), in Madison County. Richmond is home to Eastern Kentucky University. Our congregation is 70 members. We have two elders and three deacons. 

My wife Julia and I have been married since 1999 and have seven children: Dawson 22, Jaley-Anne 20, Ethan19, Emma 19, Isaac 16, Lily 15 and Elianna 9. All our children except for Elianna have been baptized. I have been preaching since 2005-2006 when I worked as a barber. I began full time preaching with the University church in 2011. 

In addition to my work in the pulpit preaching and teaching classes, the work in Richmond has enabled me toencourage many college-age students over the past several years. I enjoy writing and continually seek to improve my ability to communicate in a profitable way through writing. The LORD has blessed me with opportunities to share the Gospel in various places throughout Kentucky as well as other states. I am very thankful for the opportunity to preach and teach the Gospel and thank the Westend family for your encouragement and support in the LORD’S work. 

Above all I give GOD the glory for any good He may choose to use me for in His Kingdom. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions. 

Wes Webb - North East church of Christ, High Springs, Florida

I began working with the North East congregation as their full time minister in August of 2014. The congregation is about 70 in size and is part of a very rural and agricultural community. The congregation was started in 2004 and has never had elders or deacons. High Springs is the closest city to the building even though it is in a different county and 8 miles away. Members come from several different directions and a number of counties in the area. About 20 of those who attend with us drive close to 40 miles to get to the building. Even though we are a smaller congregation we have over 20 children that keep our teaching program busy. The congregation does not have any other men who preach or teach adult Bible classes, so I take care of all of those opportunities. Unfortunately since we do not have elders or deacons there are many things that fall on me that are not necessarily part of the work of a minister, but must be taken care of on a regular basis that keeps me busy. We do have a number of younger families and newer Christians that need a great deal of encouragement and teaching that is done individually during the week.     

My wife (Raina) and I were married in September of 1998 after meeting and dating while attending Florida College. We then moved to Chipley, Florida after getting married and worked with the Chipley Church of Christ for almost 16 years as their full time minister. We have two sons, Corbin who was born in 2006 and Coltin who was born in 2010. 

We feel truly blessed to be able to be part of this work and have the support of congregations like West End. The financial means of the congregation has not allowed them to fully support a preacher and help them with the spread of the Gospel in this area. Thanks to the outside support we are able to accomplish this work and help the brethren at North East to grow numerically as well as spiritually.