“Are You Committed to the Bible? by Jason Dickey”

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We live in the “postmodern” era. This simply means that our society and culture promote an idea of fluid truth. There is no absolute right and absolute wrong. The irony of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s words ring in our ears “Only Sith deal in absolutes”. This statement is at once self-condemnatory but also condemning of any ideology that believes in an unequivocal truth. Our culture has worked hard to make us all think that all opinions are equally valid, that there is nothing for certain and that any idea can mean anything to anyone. Do you see the danger in this? If we allow our culture to tell us that by believing in an absolute standard we are no better than the face of evil then we have absolutely nothing to be grounded in. This starts and ends with morality. Homosexuality is okay, prostitution is okay, drug use is okay, killing unborn children is okay, and no matter how wicked a thing might be, it is okay as long as “you don’t hurt someone”. This is a tempting idea because it is associated with an apathy that you cannot argue with. Postmodernism does not care. You cannot win a debate against someone that does not care. Do not confuse this apathy with truth. Just because you cannot convince someone that this ideology is wrong does not mean it is true at all.
It gets worse though. The ending point of this ideology is well beyond a standard of “not harming others”. It grows into violence against the innocent and the persecution of the undeserving. If you look at any culture from around the world, once this sort of immorality becomes prominent, pain and suffering follow. Notice the cycle of sin in the book of Judges, loss of morality leads to the exact sort suffering we are discussing. And look at world history: Israel, Rome, Babylon, Assyria, and most recently Germany and Russia. The loss of morality in these sorts of “social issues” is just a beginning. This is why it is so important for us to cling to a standard, to a guide, to something that can help us navigate through right and wrong. This is why the Bible is necessary.


The Bible is the only standard that we can have (Gal. 1:8). It is from God. There are any number of ways to demonstrate that there is something divine in the words that are preserved for us within scripture, but maybe the most convincing proof is the power and consistency of the message inside. In the Bible we see a thorough and complete picture of a uniform God that demands righteousness but accepts devotion through His plan for redemption. A God that is full of love from beginning to end (despite what people say) and has done everything possible for us to have a relationship with/in Him. This God has laid out a plan for morality; a standard for us to keep and follow in our lives. The truth of the word of God is something that can at once conform us to the hope of the calling of His son and also fill us with the power to withstand the trials of this world (I Cor. 10:13). No longer do we wander through the world seeking some ethereal enlightenment like some far eastern mysticism. Truth and enlightenment are ever before us (Ps. 119:105). We have the opportunity to know and understand God and if we commit ourselves to this standard then we can have a hope and a promise that can transform our present into a world full of the peace of God (Phil. 4:8-9). The impending violence and corruption that comes with a lack of morality is overcome by the truth of the word of God (Phil. 4:11-13). Are you committed to the standard that overcomes the world (I Jhn. 5:4)? Are you committed to truth or some fluid and floundering ideology of variability and constant change? Fix your gaze on the rock of ages, the word of God, and commit yourself to the standard (Ps. 61:1-4).

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