Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our Bible classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Below is a list of all the adult classes taking place this quarter (Q3 - 2023). Please plan on joining us for any of the studies provided!

Bible class material is provided at the link below for your convenience:

Bible Class Material

All class material from studies in the past can be found at the link below:

Class Archives


Luke - Sunday Mornings/Wednesday Evenings

Room: Auditorium

Teachers: Erik Borlaug/Stephen Ogden/Dylan Cunningham






1st Timothy - Sunday Mornings

Room: B7

Teacher: Mike Thomas






The Life of David - Wednesday Evenings

Room: B7

Teacher: Mike Thomas

  1. Bible Classes
    9/24/23 09:00am
  2. Morning Worship
    9/24/23 09:55am
  3. Evening Worship
    9/24/23 05:00pm
  4. Wednesday Bible Classes
    9/27/23 07:00pm
  5. Bible Classes
    10/1/23 09:00am
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