Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our Bible classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We currently have the following classes:

Understanding Proverbs

Join us for a 1st quarter survey of the book of Proverbs, part of the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament. Proverbs was authored by King Solomon, also called King Lemuel, during Israel’s golden age as a single kingdom. Solomon was blessed by God with “wisdom and exceedingly great understanding, and largeness of heart like sand on the seashore,” (1Kings 4:29).

Proverbs gives us more than popular sage and quick anecdotes. It was written when books were few and limited. Proverbs was typical, in that those observations on life that had to be compressed into the smallest and concise wording as possible. Although the book of Proverbs contains only 800 verses, according to 1 Kings 4:32, Solomon spoke 3000 proverbs.

Proverbs gives us wisdom as a parent, as a spouse, and as a follower of God. It is timeless, giving us wisdom for the Christian today, as much as it gave to the Israelite of yesterday. Proverbs also gives a window to help us understand the natural history of the people and culture of ancient Israel. As Proverbs shows, scripture is not to teach us philosophy, but the religion of God.

Room: A-7
Teacher: Carroll Duckworth, L.R. Kennon, & Jim Whiteside



Faith in God and Christ Jesus, in the Bible as the Word of God and in God’s plan to save man is not based on blind acceptance of the unprovable, but on solid facts, reason and inescapable truths.  There is ample evidence to demonstrate that God is and that He rewards those who seek after Him.  (Hebrews 11:6

We will study in succession evidence of God’s existence and of the Bible as God’s word.  We’ll then examine evidence for Jesus’ claims to be the Son of God and how to establish authority in matters of religion.  Finally, we’ll answer the critical questions of why we need Christ, why we need baptism, and why we need the church.  Whether you are a novice or mature, this class will study powerful internal and external evidence for Christianity to enhance your personal faith and your service in the kingdom.

 Room: B7
Teacher: David Lanphear & Curtis Pope


Exodus (1st & 2nd Quarters 2019)

A new administration arose in Egypt that did not know Joseph and his descendants. The Israelite population began to swell in Egypt, posing a threat to the new kings of Egypt, leading to Israel's enslavement. The toll of oppression was too great. Yahweh hears Israel’s cries and is moved with compassion, reminded of a deep, intimate relationship and a covenant made with Abraham several hundred years prior to their oppression. The Great Deliverer does not back down and liberates his people through gracious and powerful acts.

In the book of Exodus, He reveals his character and attributes, not only to Moses, the appointed leader, but also to His people today. Exodus provides us an introductory and broad landscape to the Gospel message--it is essentially the Gospel according to Moses. We will explore how the Israelites, in particular Moses, intersects with Christ, and how this affects God's people in the 21st century. Exodus heralds the unique God we serve and how He will go to drastic measures to ultimately deliver mankind from the bondage of sin, making us no longer slaves.

Room: B9
Teacher: Matt Finley, David Hehner, & Joey Elms


I & II Peter

As one of the apostles that served at the side of Jesus during His ministry, Peter had some great insights into the will of God.  First hand, Peter was able to learn at the feet of Jesus, he was able to work on the Lord’s behalf and he faced some of the same struggles in his faith that many people did during his time and still do today. 

In the books of I & II Peter, we will do a verse by verse study of these letters written by Peter.  I Peter focuses on the salvation realized from their faith, the submissive Christian lifestyle and how we should expect to share in the suffering of Christ.  II Peter further encourages Christians in the development of their character, watchfulness for false teachers and the need for diligence in our faithfulness in the coming of the Lord.  Our goal will be to encourage one another in our faith and better understand the perspective of Peter as the writer of the letters based on his service with Christ and edifying the brethren.

Room: Auditorium
Teachers: Jim Holton & Gerald Barr