Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our Bible classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Below is a list of all the adult classes taking place this quarter (Q2 - 2023). Please plan on joining us for any of the studies provided!

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The World Turned Upside Down - Sunday Mornings

Room: Auditorium

Teacher: Matt Finley

The term gospel was reserved for royal announcements made when a king had “good news”. Heralds would stand in the center of ancient villages and marketplaces crying out messages of political hope, victory, and salvation. While it appeared Roman emperors were reigning, a true king and kingdom radically different than what the world ever witnessed was inaugurated. The Gospel of King Jesus turned the world upside down. Not by brute military force but by the message of a resurrected King—the One who died a humiliating death but made death powerless through His resurrection. As ambassadors of the King, the apostles heralded this message from the boroughs of Jerusalem, to the countryside of Samaria, and ultimately to the ends of the earth. Good news about a new king and kingdom demands a call to action. Today, we are called to proclaim this same message and carry out lives worthy of that calling. Our primary objective this quarter is to examine the transformative message of King Jesus from sermons taught in Acts and how this gospel led to growth of the kingdom of God. If this same message turned the world upside down in the first century, then who are we to suggest that it cannot today? May God bless our study.


Heart of the Matter - Wednesday Evenings

Room: Auditorium

Teacher: Joey Elms & Mike Thomas





The Gospel of John - Sunday Mornings/Wednesday Evenings

Room: A7

Teacher: Gerald Barr & Todd Embry





Themes of Scripture - Sunday Mornings

Room: B7

Teacher: Erik Borlaug





Proverbs for Everyday Life - Wednesday Evenings

Room: B7

Teacher: Kelly Holt & Jon Whitaker

Beginning with Adam & Eve (Genesis 2.15) and continuing on to Christ (Mark 6.3), work is an underlying certainty throughout the scriptures. While we can often try to separate our work life from other aspects (social, spiritual, home lives), God displays to us throughout the scriptures that in every aspect of our lives we are to live for Him; seeking justification from our Lord and Savior, and not through our professions. How do we balance work and spirituality? Let's take a look at both and see how we can balance excelling in our work AND our faith! "Christians in the Workplace" is a study around topics like how God views our work, how to handle the stress- anxiety- discouragement, materialism, integrity, and other issues we deal with in our professions. Join us in this class and let's learn together how to better balance all these things while remaining faithful to God.