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We are a group of nondenominational Christians worshiping in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We meet every Sunday and Wednesday for worship and Bible classes. We would love to have you join us as together we praise and honor the great God of the Universe.

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Why Attend Bible Classes? by Mark Pape

If for no other reason, the plain and inspired command to “…not to forsake the assembling together of ourselves…” (Heb. 10:25), should be sufficient to motivate a Christian to attend Bible classes. However, there are other reasons why Bible study periods with Christians are beneficial

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Gospel Preaching - A 2000 Year Legacy

            While the concept of a "Gospel Preaching" may not be understood in the minds of many, it is as old as the Church itself. In fact, the Church that bears the name of the risen Savior began with preaching by Peter. (Acts 2:14) Preaching is underrated and undervalued. It is the means by which the Lord designed His Message of hope and salvation to be promoted. For this reason, we need gatherings for the preaching of the Gospel.

            Jesus ordained the method and the message of Acts 2. Whoever this message was for, whatever the method used, it was authorized by Christ! Jesus promised the disciples before his death, he would send the Holy Spirit to reveal/teach all things, (Jn.14:15-18,26 15:26) He instructed His disciples to “tarry in the city of  Jerusalem until endued with power from on high.” (Lk. 24:49.) The careful reader will observe that the Apostles spoke "as the Spirit gave them utterance," (Acts 2:4) which is the same Spirit promised by Jesus!

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Attention WKU Students!

Do you plan to attend Western Kentucky University or move to Bowling Green in preparation for college?  The independence of the college experience brings with it the heightened responsibility to make good decisions, and none is more important than your decision to serve God faithfully.  Typically, your college years is the time you make decisions that literally shape your future: your vocation or profession, who you will marry, where you will live, and whether you will grow spiritually and mature into the adult God wants you to be.

West End has been blessed to have a large number of students who encourage each other through Bible studies in various homes and other activities together, and who are active in our work and worship.  We welcome you to visit with us, and encourage you to become a part of the West End family!  Browse the website to learn more about us.

Tuesday July 22 2014

Old Testament: 2 Chron 10-12 2 Chron 10-12

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