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The Benefits of Hell part I

For those who refuse to repent and become a Christian, or for those who refuse as Christians to live faithful by loving and respecting God and their brethren, let me submit a few of the benefits of your eternal destiny. 

            No More Preaching:

            In Hell, you will never listen to another Gospel sermon, or feel like everyone is waiting on you to obey the Lord when an invitation song was sung. There will never be another sermon preached (or newsletter article to be read) about eternal punishment. You will have heard and read the last words on this subject….it will now be reality for eternity. None of those who loved you, taught you, and begged you to repent so as to avoid endless torment will ever be a nuisance again. Those who were worn-out with being invited to church won’t be invited anymore. They’ll be no more sermons about forsaking assemblies, missing Bible Classes and not attending Gospel Meetings. In Hell, you won’t be bothered by those negative sermons admonishing you to live Godly and righteous in this present world. You’ll never hear another sermon that makes you think the preacher knows about your sordid behavior. Neither will you ever be bored by sermons about doctrine, authority, or commitment that you previously endured in the land of the living. In Hell, you will no longer be troubled by the “sermons” preached by the Godly examples of your family members, co-workers or fellow students, because they won’t be there.   

            Young Folks: In Hell, you won’t have to listen to your parents “preaching” to you about boundaries in your lives. Your Mom and Dad will never “drag” you to church again. You won’t have any more arguments with your parents because you’d rather sleep in or do something else during worship and Bible Study periods. You won’t have to sit in the pew and pretend like you’re interested anymore. And, you’ll never be guilt ridden by the sermons about sexual purity or fleeing fornication. You will never again be restricted with a curfew.  They’ll be no more warnings or restrictions about avoiding evil companions, because, all those people will now be your eternal associates. 


            A Long List Of People Who Believe in Jesus:

            In Hell, the list of residents will no doubt include many distinguished and famous people. Kings, queens, statesmen, and athletes will no doubt be among the ranks. Many of which made the claim that they believed in Jesus.  Jesus said, "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” (Matt 7:21) The fact is, there will not be one person in Hell who does not believe in Jesus. Any doubts or disbelief about Jesus being “The Way, The Truth and The Life” will be forever gone. Those who claim to have trouble believing the Biblical accounts of the creation, the flood, Jonah, or the resurrected Christ won’t have a single doubt whatsoever. The rich man in Luke 16 that “lifted up his eyes in Hell” was so convinced that the preaching of truth was right that he asked Abraham send Lazarus to warn his brothers. Unfortunately, Hell will be the evidence that will finally prompt many to believe in Jesus……but it will be too late.

            Friends, there in not one benefit to the unspeakable horror that awaits those who will be consigned to that eternal abyss of blackness. Don’t go there! If you’re on that road, turn around.

            Think about it…………………..really think about it.