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The Simplicity of the Gospel part 2

Last week we examined Paul's expressed concern in the above text; that in the same manner Eve was beguiled by the serpent; these brethren would be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. We primarily considered how denominational leaders corrupt the minds of many from the simplicity that is in Christ. However.....

This deceptive art is not limited to the denominational folks. Some of my brethren in the Lord's Church will not be outdone. Gospel preachers who hold an unscriptural position regarding New Testament doctrine for the Church and the Lord's people corrupt the simplicity in Christ. Many times they can be identified by the multitude of words they preach and write in a feeble attempt to prop up some crippled doctrine they support. Isn't it ironic, that all that is said in scripture on any given subject might be limited to a few sentences, perhaps a page or two at most! My brethren write page after page, volume after volume, weaving  their own complicated web of confusion. The Bible says "be able to give an answer" not write a book. Certainly writing has it's place and is a good and effective teaching tool. But, as I read these epic discourses of my brethren,  I'm reminded of  (ECC. 5:3) "... a fool's voice is known by a multitude of words."  I call it the old  "red herring ruse" where the escaped convict finds a stinking fish to drag across the trail to offset the pursuit of the bloodhounds. So do those who corrupt the simplicity of Christ by writing enough words, or preach enough sermons about their opinion or doctrinal shortcoming, that others throw their hands up in utter frustration. Brethren take others on wild goose chases through the Bible in an effort to "back up" their hobbies or "think so's" all the while appealing to the "so called" authority of the Bible. This confuses, frustrates and overthrows the faith of weaker members. Had they left the "simplicity that is in Christ" alone, all would have been well.  Peter described false teachers as those who "...speak great swelling words of vanity... (empty)" and "while they promise liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of the same is he brought in bondage." (2Pet.2:18-19)  In this same vein, I've seen brethren who become so tyrannical regarding their opinions, (not necessarily wrong but not doctrine either) that all their comments, sermons, writing, etc. must bring this subject up and drive the wedge of division in deeper.

 Why will men insist on  "corrupting the simplicity that is in Christ?"  It is the handy work of  Satan, who knows the simplicity and liberty of the Gospel saves men and women from the abyss of eternal torment. Since he opposes all Christ stood and died for, he seeks to overthrow the souls of men by corrupting and complicating the truth which frees, bringing men back under the bondage of sin, resulting in spiritual death.

Brethren, we must resolve to love, preserve, guard, and defend the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. The slightest departure from "that form of doctrine" puts us in the class of individual who built his house upon the sand of uncertainty. Think about it.