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The Family Under Attack

            The family is under attack, if not under siege.  When God created man and woman, He provided union and fulfillment in the "one flesh" relationship we call marriage. To this union God also provided children for His heritage, Psa.127:3. What has happened to “mom, dad, and the kids?”

The family is the first human organization ordained by God. It is the bedrock upon which society rests. Someone has aptly said, “…as the family goes, so goes the nation.” Even the uninspired man Edward Gibbon wrote in his classic “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” that, “The undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home which is the basis for human society…” was one of the five major factors contributing to the fall of that great nation.

God designed the family to serve as the place where the fundamental training needed for life is to be gained. The family is that arrangement designed to be a sanctuary of peace, safety and love for its members.  When understanding these truths, why would we be surprised to see Satan making havoc of the family? Adolph Hitler told the mothers and fathers in the 20's and 30's. "if you give me your youth, I will give you the world." He understood that impressionable children can be molded to serve any cause, regardless of how evil. Satan certainly knows that by undermining the family, (especially the youth) eventually the world is his to sift as he wishes.

Where is the appreciation for hardworking father figures who provide for their own, and who demonstrate godly examples of leadership? Gen 3:17-19, 1 Tim 5:8 Where is the appreciation for loving, nurturing mother figures who are keepers of the home? Pro.31:10-31 Where is the appreciation for obedient children who respect their parents, teachers, and government, having the promise of the best here and now, as well as eternal life in the future? Eph. 6:1-3

            The Bible has the time tested pattern for the family. It has been proven for thousands of years! Shall we abdicate to social planners, Planned Parenthood, and psychological gurus who sell out the Biblical concept of the family to Satan? Shall we permit the prevailing social winds of single parenting, teenage pregnancy, divorce and remarriage for any cause, to blow us about in the sea of social reform?

One weapon of Satan’s arsenal in his attack on the family is the myth of the feminist movement that men and woman are basically the same. The feminist must disagree with the Bible where God says, “…male and female created them,” Gen 1:27, man was created first, Gen 2:7, woman was created for the man, 1Cor. 11:9. Not only are men and women different physically and biologically, but, they were designed and created for different roles. God did not create the man and woman to be competitive but complimentary, nor were they made to be independent but dependent on each other. Each gender is "superior" to the other in the role that God designed and assigned them. Role reversal is a sin. It is a sin because it deviates from the purpose and capacity for which God created us. If you, as a husband relinquish your role of leading the family, you are evading the work God planned for you. If you as a wife challenge and usurp the authority of your husband, you have overstepped God’s boundary. Do you believe the family counselors of the day or the God of the Bible?  If role reversal is so good, (and many people are doing it) where are the success stories? The fact remains, the kind of man or woman, father or mother we are, will likely be the kind of individual our child will be. Look at the monster our society is nurturing with Satan’s philosophy! A generation of people has arisen whom God created for one reason, but, they are desperately failing trying to achieve another. Collapse in the family and society is guaranteed when we are an accomplice to Satan’s attack on the family. Think about it!