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Thinking on Some Eternal Things

            Some events rivet my attention on eternity, how about you? Some circumstances in life are hard for me to reconcile in my mind. Recently, news of the death of a previous work acquaintance provoked some spiritual thoughts. While my understanding of eternal things is limited at best, the deep, and I might add long meditation about life and death have reinforced some aspects of my faith. Let me offer these:


  1. Everybody has influence, either for good or evil. We are the sum of the influence which has been exerted upon us. Whether parents, friends, the Word of God, or the influence of the Evil One, I emanate many of those influences. I want to take care to be the best influence possible.
  2. The characteristics of Jesus, when demonstrated in my life from the heart, make a difference. And most people still appreciate them whether they recognize that Jesus is the source or not. A person can still be admired when they do, and stand for what is right.
  3. I am mortal and fragile. I am only one breath or heartbeat away from eternity. Neither this world nor my body is designed to stay here forever, and I can be sure neither will. Solomon said "…time and chance happens to them all." (Ecc.9:11) Good people are going to be casualties of this world whether I like it or not. I might be the next? Hundreds of people are born and die every day. Today, I am on the middle ground somewhere. I only know how close I am to beginning, but not the end.
  4. The goods of this world which I possess are insignificant in eternity. There are only two eternal things over which I have control, my soul and the word of God. I need to place more importance on the "hereafter" rather than the "here and now." I want to live by God's everlasting law so as to secure an upright posture with Him for eternity. I want to spend an endless age in a place where the losses endured in this life will not be experienced. I know when I depart this life I will leave everything behind ............ but my soul. A refrain of a song I recently heard said, “…you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”


                Jesus was only 33 when He finished His earthly course. This is young by today's standard. Jesus prayed to the Father just before He died, "I have finished the work which you gave me to do." (Jn. 17:4) Shouldn't we ask ourselves, have I set myself to the task which God has placed before me? Am I about the Father's business as we see Jesus was at a very early age? Time is short and eternity is long, let's be that "prepared people" awaiting that "prepared place.” Think about it.