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Authority, Who Needs It?

            Most would answer this question saying "everybody needs some kind of authority." Of course this answer is correct, but the problem is that only the lives of a few people reflect this attitude.

            Absolutely every aspect of an individual’s life is governed by one kind of authority or another. All of which come under the jurisdiction of a Sovereign Creator. The Bible teaches that the workman is subject to his employer, citizens of a state to the civil rulers, the wife to her husband, the husband to the Lord, children to their parents, the members of a congregation to it's elders, the elders to Christ, all Christians to the Word of God, and that Jesus has “…all power (authority” in Heaven and earth). Matt. 28:18

            Most people in the world, and not a few Christians resent authority to some degree. Rebellion is perhaps at an all time high because of a society which teaches and believes, "nobody tells me what to do", or "I have my rights."  Rebellion raises its ugly head everywhere authority exists. When Saul disobeyed God concerning the destruction of the Amalakites the Bible says, "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry." (1Sam.15:23)  Who can seriously consider God's view of rebellion against approved authority, and not desire to humble themselves in submission.  

            In recent years, the children of our society have been becoming increasingly rebellious to parents and civil authorities, to the extent of which, legal action is pursued by minors in their attempt to avoid obedience. Youthful rebellion may be seen in indiscreet and sloppy clothing, or conspicuous hair styles. Most of which serve as their reminder to the world that they are "in control", or that they have no regard for what should be our society's acceptable standards of modest and orderly conduct.  Rebellion can even more clearly be seen in the music of our youth which contains flagrant themes of opposition to the laws of the land, schools, parents, and God.

            Rebellion to authority is not reserved for the youth, nor is it always "outgrown" by the process of aging. After all, where do think the youth learn the code of rebellion? Might it be those older who demonstrate this attitude, leaving the young a pattern for their own affairs? What are parents teaching their children and grandchildren when they openly disobey the authority of the Lord in spiritual matters? If we refuse to bring ourselves under the authority of the elders concerning the Church and our relationship to it, and the other members, who's watching?  What kind of signals are folks sending to the young if they persist in sinful behavior and habits which even a child knows is wrong? Who is observing and absorbing the example of those adults who proudly, and in some cases boastfully, cast aside civil law, such as in paying taxes? Or, who is learning from those adults who refuse to serve their employer "as unto the Lord"? At least two things clearly need to be remembered. First, "God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Gal.5:7), and secondly, don't contribute to the rebellion of the next generation by your example today!

            Regardless of our station in life, we are all subject to higher authorities, and the responsibility of submission is binding upon all, from the least to the greatest and from the oldest to the youngest.