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No Tears in Heaven

The above phrase embraces the title and popular refrains of songs we sing when worshipping God. He, through His inspired word, has revealed many of the characteristics of His eternal abode, the place where He wants all souls to dwell eternally. As I think over those characteristics, my appetite is whet for the unseen realm. It makes me want to exchange this robe of flesh for an incorruptible body. Perhaps no other characteristic of Heaven is more coveted than the theme, "no tears in Heaven." 

Stop and ask yourself, "why is this world unfit for eternal occupation?" Because no matter how long you live, how far you run, or what remote corner of the globe you find yourself, you will still find sin, which brings misery and death. All of which cause the heart of man to weep. However, knowing that God's habitation is void of any such like, Heaven is now the object of our affection. (Col 3:1-3)

What better words of consolation can be offered than, "and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away?" (Rev.21:4) The Eternal God of Heaven, reigns from a place, and will have the redeemed of all ages with Him, where heartache and tears are left at the door.

It almost defies my most solemn concentration to imagine a place where the constant threat of sickness, pain, war, famine, murder and natural disasters do not exist. Those whose bask in the sunshine of God's presence for eternity will never see that city marred with the construction of a hospital, nursing home, or a funeral home. Neither will we be troubled with feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, or funding the research to eradicate a disease.  The human mind, struggles to comprehend this great bible truth which is so unlike what we're accustomed to. But we must simply wait until faith becomes sight to realize its full implication.

On the other hand, those who decide for themselves to forfeit Heaven, will be consigned to a place where “weeping and gnashing of teeth” are promised. The Lord allows us to choose; eternity without tears or eternity with nothing but tears. Where are choices leading you?

God be thanked for looking down on man and seeing the distress associated with this life and offering hope and relief! Will you enjoy it one day? Think about it.